Printable sewing practice sheets


Sewing practice sheets, printable sewing sheets for beginners to practice stitching and sewing. No thread required, sew on your machine to punch holes in the paper!


Download this digital PDF set of 7 different pages to print at home. Ideal for new sewers or teaching kids or a friend to sew.
No thread needed! You can practice your sewing with these printable stitching practice sheets and don’t even need thread! No need to thread your sewing machine or your bobbin – just ‘sew’ and your needle will pierce the paper to follow the lines. Practice keeping the hole from your needle on the line.

Practice sewing slowly and carefully and you can easily learn to sew neatly and evenly with these printable practice sheets. There are 7 different designs to choose from and you can print them all, or just the ones you want to use. Need to practice sewing in a straight line? Print several copies of sheet 1 and leave the rest until you have mastered this skill and are ready to move on to the zig-zag and beyond!

1 – straight stitch. Practice keeping your sewing straight and experiment with different stitch lengths
2 – zig-zag stitch. Keep your machine sewing straight and the needle should fall evenly on each side of the line as you zig and zag
3 – straight lines and corners. Continue with the straight line practice but also try turning neat corners in both directions
4 – a large grid for your own crazy practice. Dozens of right angle corners to sew in every direction. Like a maze for your sewing machine!
5 – ever decreasing squares. Sew one square clockwise and the next anti-clockwise for a challenge to keep on the straight and narrow and hot the exact point on those corners
6 – fancy sewing in circles? Keep the template constantly moving and keep your eye on that needle as you sew in ever decreasing circles. Try switching direction each time for an added challenge.
7 – finally some fun and crazy shapes that combine straight lines, corners, curves and waves for a fun final challenge


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