How to sew a straight line. Stitching practice sheets for practicing your sewing on a machine.

How to sew with the printable practice sheets

Have you grabbed your copy of the sewing practice sheets yet? This 7-page printable document is perfect for those learning to sew or refreshing sewing skills that might be a bit rusty. The pages can help you become comfortable and proficient with using your sewing machine and changing the settings. There are pages for practice in sewing straight lines, sewing with the zig-zag stitch, turning corners and sewing curves.

Sewing practice sheets. Printable PDF pages to print at home for kids and beginner sewers. How to perfect your stitching with printable sewing practice sheets. No need to use thread, the needle pierces the paper on these print at home sheets for learning to sew. Printable sewing worksheets for beginners.

It’s one of the first things you can do with your sewing machine before you even learn how to thread it. You can practice controlling the speed and sewing accurately along the lines. This helps enormously with accurate sewing and keeping a proper seam allowance later on.

Let me give you a quick preview of the sheets and show you how to use them. It’s fun and easy, and definitely worth taking the time to do to get your early sewing skills off on the right foot.

There you are, fun, and a really practical way to refresh those skills and become familiar with your sewing machine, controlling the speed and where your needle falls. You’ll be racing along while keeping a straight line and an even seam allowance in no time.

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